League Rules

Here are the rules surrounding the League

Your Deck will gradually build over time.

All league players will start with 6 packs and must create a deck using only those 6 packs plus basic lands. You start with 40 card deck

League players will add 2 packs from agreed upon sets at set intervals to expand their pool of cards. Every 2 packs your deck size will increase by 10

Your Life total will gradually build over time

You have 20 Life to start. Life total will increase by 10 at 70 and 100 deck sizes.

All Cards MUST be registered

In order to keep track of all the legal cards available for your deck, all cards from packs that are opened must be registered in the league database.

Prismatic Piper can be Partnered with ANY Commander

This is even if the Commander does not have “Partner” on its card.

League Standings determine Turn Order

League Games are twice a month

League Games are once a month for the For Miles Division

Singleton rule does NOT apply until 100 deck size

You may use up to 3 copies of a card as long as the deck size is <100. Once the deck size is 100, Singleton rule will apply

Play of the Game must be nominated by a different player

You cannot nominate yourself.

Point System

1st Place Win – 4 Points
2nd Place Win – 3 Points
3rd Place Win – 2 Points
4th Place Win – 1 Points

First Blood: 1 Point
Commander First Blood: 1 Point
Non Combat Damage KO: 1 Point
Play of the Game: 2 Points
Commander Damage Knock Out: 1 Point
High Card (Best card pull): 1 Point

Knocking Yourself Out: -1 Point
Not casting Commander the entire game: -1 Point